Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Colorful Odyssey in the Flower Kingdom

2 min readOct 18


As the autumn leaves paint the landscape in vivid colors, Nintendo fans are celebrating the long-awaited release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Today, on October 20, 2023, this exclusive Nintendo Switch title is set to whisk players away on a nostalgic yet innovative adventure through the enchanting Flower Kingdom.

The Flower Kingdom Unveiled

In the dedicated Nintendo Direct presentation on August 31, 2023, fans were treated to a mesmerizing glimpse of the Flower Kingdom. Governed by the benevolent Prince Florian, this magical realm became the stage for an unexpected twist when Bowser pilfered the powerful Wonder Flower, casting the kingdom into chaos. With seven distinct regions, including Pipe Rock Plateau, Fluff Puff Peaks, Shining Falls, and the mysterious Petal Isles, players are in for a diverse and captivating landscape.

Gameplay Wonderland

The gameplay of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” promises to redefine the classic 2D platformer experience. With an array of power-ups, including the Elephant power-up, Bubble power, and the versatile Drill power, players will navigate through levels filled with delightful surprises. Wonder Flowers and badges add an extra layer of complexity, providing unique abilities and altering the in-game environment.

Multiplayer Magic

Adding a cooperative and positive twist, the multiplayer features of the game invite players to team up locally or venture into online co-op modes. Interaction with other players on the world map, the revival of fallen comrades, and engaging in friendly competitions create a lively and engaging multiplayer experience.

Mario Red OLED Nintendo Switch

Beyond the game’s core features, Nintendo has sprinkled additional treats for avid fans. To coincide with the release of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” a limited edition Mario Red OLED Nintendo Switch will hit the shelves on October 6. Priced at $350, this eye-catching console boasts a design adorned with the iconic Italian plumber and gleaming gold coins, making it a must-have for collectors and Mario enthusiasts alike.

As the clock strikes midnight on October 20, 2023, players worldwide are ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the Flower Kingdom, eager to discover the wonders that await in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Nintendo has once again captured the essence of nostalgia while introducing innovative gameplay elements, promising fans an unforgettable Mario adventure in this highly anticipated release.

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